O’Rourke Marine Services (OMS) provides standalone dockside and midstream delivery of fuel, lubricants, and a variety of other services

A drop of oil

To keep your maritime fleet on the move, OMS offers a variety of marine fuels at competitive prices. With operations spanning from Brownsville, TX to Lake Charles, LA, OMS can support your vessel fueling, whether you’re on blue water or brown water.

OMS offers high-quality fuels to support your operational needs, meeting all ISO 8217:2017 standards for marine gas oil (MGO). OMS sells DMA fuel and ULSD throughout its Texas Gulf Coast service area.

Why OMS?

With decades of marine industry expertise, OMS takes pride in its commitment to excellence. Product quality is of the utmost importance, and OMS’s marine lubricants are meticulously manufactured to meet the highest industry standards.

OMS understands the importance of environmental responsibility in safeguarding our marine ecosystems. That’s why we’ve taken deliberate steps to design products that minimize environmental impacts.

To further enhance your experience, our dedicated customer support team stands ready to assist you at every step of the way. Whether you need assistance with product selection, want technical advice, or have any other inquiries, your dedicated support team is here to provide the support you need. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities.

OMS is powered by a versatile fleet, engineered to meet the needs of many different customer vessels.

High-Quality Poducts Delivered Waterside

OMS offers premium fuels including ultra-low sulfur marine gas oil, on and off-road diesel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and fuel additives to improve engine performance and safety. We also offer a full line of lubricants including conventional, blends, and premium synthetic products, heat transfer fluids and degreasers.

Extensive Delivery Network 24 hours / day

OMS’s fleet ensures your marine vessels can stay on schedule. From our facility in the Houston Ship Channel and Corpus Christi, our fleet of barges, transport trucks and bobtails provide 24-hour deliveries to cargo vessels, boats and offshore rigs.

Dockside Services

From its dockside facility in Houston, TX, OMS provides fuel and lubricant delivery, oil and bilge removal, household trash removal, potable water, and environmental services, including providing absorbents, clean-ups, recycling, and removal of used filters and rags.

Specialty Services

Look to OMS as your partner for virtually every marine service – from emergency fuel planning and response to bilge pump-off, onsite oil reconditioning and reclamation, high speed oil flushing, oil analysis, fluid monitoring, household trash removal and potable water.

All-Inclusive Services

OMS is an authorized distributor of premium lubricant products from brands such as Shell, Chevron, and Mobil. Buyback programs with these brands enable us to offer you competitive prices and exceptional value.

OMS also offers DEF as well as potable water, slop and oily waste removal, and other miscellaneous services that boats may require.

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