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Premier Distributor Since 1932

Mansfield Service Partners (MSP) is a premier distributor of high-quality lubricants, fluids, fuels, and environmental services. MSP was founded in 1932 in Houston, TX, and the company has grown since then from a single gas station to a nationally recognized full-service provider. Our success is the result of our continued commitment to deliver superior products and expert services to customers.

High-Quality Lubricants

Mansfield Service Partners is a one-stop distributor of high-quality lubricants with proven solutions to improve equipment reliability and performance. As a Shell Prestige Distributor, we offer the industry’s leading brands as well as our own line of products. Our tailored lubricant program helps our customers optimize costs with more effective lubricant and fluids inventory management.

Tailored Fueling Solutions

Mansfield Service Partners offers nationwide fueling services across a broad range of industries. We supply all grades of gasoline, on and off-road diesel, ultra-low sulfur diesel, renewable diesel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), and fuel additives to boost engine performance. We provide specialty fueling solutions for many types of fleets, from mobile fueling and direct-to-equipment fueling, to local and nationwide Fleet Card programs and price risk management agreements.

Environmental Services

Mansfield Service Partners’ Select Environmental division helps customers navigate the challenging landscape of waste disposal. Encompassing used motor oil, hazardous waste clean-up, and regulatory support, Select Environmental can be a one-call solution for all your environmental needs.

Fuel Equipment Services and Expertise

We offer a range of services – from storage and dispensing equipment to complete installations, inspections, and repairs. MSP’s team of certified, in-house technicians apply best practices to ensure tanks and fuel equipment are contaminant-free and comply with all regulations. Our commitment towards safety, compliance, and maintaining regulatory guidelines gives our customers peace of mind while minimizing risks and costs.

Extensive Delivery Reach

Mansfield Service Partners’ 24-hour delivery fleet ensures the right fuel is delivered when and where it is needed. With operational fleets covering the Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountains, and Mid-Continent regions, we deploy hundreds of transport trucks and bobtails in addition to our nationwide network of Associate Distributors to handle your fueling needs across the country.

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