Complete Lubricants & Chemical Line for the Automotive Industry

Mansfield Service Partners can be your one-stop partner.

As a leading distributor of lubricants, lube equipment, fuels, service chemicals, filters, and environmental services, MSP can fulfill all your automotive needs. MSP partners with market-leading lubricant brands, such as Pennzoil, Quaker State, Emerald, and Rotella, that comply with all industry specifications. Our lubricant offerings include:

  • Conventional and synthetic engine oils
    Transmission & hydraulic fluids
    Extended coolants
    Gear oil

Helping You Get the Job Done

Mansfield Service Partners offers additional services and products that enhance our customers’ profitability and operational excellence.

Learn more about MSP’s offerings for the automotive industry, including lubricants, a full line of service chemicals, detailing products, fuel, fluid storage, and dispensing equipment, technology-driven keep-full program, waste oil, grit traps, parts cleaning, and shop supplies.

Monitored Bulk Equipment

MSP provides an efficient tool for managing your fluid inventory, employing the latest technology to monitor and track fluid levels in real-time, ensuring you never run out of essential fluids like lubricants, oils, and coolants.

Automotive Chemicals

Mansfield Service Partners distributes the full line of Petra Automotive Products.

This premium line of automotive chemicals includes oil system cleaners, synthetic oil enhancers, air intake cleaners, GDI foam cleaners, transmission system cleaners, AC odor eliminators, nitrogen tire inflation products, and a complete range of automotive detailing products.

Environmental Services

MSP’s Select Environmental division helps customers navigate the challenging landscape of waste disposal. Encompassing used motor oil, hazardous waste clean-up, and regulatory support, Select Environmental can be a one-call solution for all your environmental needs.

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Partner with MSP Today

With our extensive selection of lubricants and fuel solutions for automotive business, we work to meet your specific needs. Our competitive pricing, comprehensive solutions, and expertise make us the go-to provider for lubricants, fuels, environmental services, and automotive service chemicals, and marketing assistance.

Contact us today to explore how we can empower your business and help you achieve your goals.

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