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Fuel Supply and Distribution in Houston and Surrounding Areas

Mansfield Service Partners (MSP) is one of America’s most trusted fuel suppliers with five locations throughout Texas, including our Houston headquarters. We keep your fleets and equipment fueled around the clock so you can focus on business.

We are a reliable Houston fuel supplier supplying a wide range of petroleum products from on-road and off-road diesel to renewable diesel and advanced industrial lubricants. We also provide environmental services for fleets and industries in Houston and surrounding areas.

If your business relies on diesel fuel — you can rely on Mansfield Service Partners. Aside from supplying fuel delivery 24 hours a day we also offer tank maintenance, fuel management, and other crucial support services to help keep your business and equipment running optimally.

A 24-hour Fuel Supplier Serving Houston and All of Texas

Mansfield Service Partners (MSP) offers diesel fuel delivery around the clock on your schedule and at your convenience. From ultra-low sulfur and off-road diesel to renewable diesel and biodiesel blends, MSP has you covered. 

A dependable supply of diesel fuel and lubricants is essential to keep your business firing on all cylinders. When you partner with us, you get more than just timely fuel deliveries — you get peace of mind. It’s no wonder MSP has been one of the most trusted fuel distributors in Texas for more than 80 years. 

Products offered by Mansfield Service Partners in Houston include

  • Off-road diesel fuel
  • Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel
  • Renewable diesel
  • All grades of gasoline
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
  • Shell Lubricants
  • Emerald Lubricants
  • Fuel additives

Mansfield Service Partners

Fuel Supplier, Industrial Lubricants and Environmental Services in Houston, TX

Marine Fuel Supply Center

16535 Peninsula St.
Houston, TX 77015
Phone: (713) 255-1750

Houston McCarty Center

223 McCarty Street
Houston, TX 77029
Phone: (800) 471-3835

Corporate Headquarters

8799 N Loop E Service Rd
Floor 3
Houston, TX 77029
Phone: (713) 672-4500

Toll-Free: (800) 683-1331

Houston Fuel Delivery and Critical Support Services

Mansfield Service Partners (MSP) is perhaps best known for our 24-hour fuel supplier fleet in Houston, Texas, it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we have to offer. We also supply a complete catalog of high-quality industrial lubricants to keep your fleet and equipment running smoothly.  

Our tertiary services include sampling and lubricant analysis so you can head off problems at the pass and protect your valuable vehicles and machinery from damage.

The experts at MSP also handle fuel tank installation, maintenance, and repair to help ensure a reliable fuel supply is on hand. MSP’s SMARTank telemetric tank monitoring solution offers powerful fuel management data to inform decision-making. Track your fuel use and replenishment history and more to gain insights that lead to better fuel management.

MSP Support Services: One Call, One Partner:

Mansfield Service Partners (MSP) offers a fully integrated suite of services that takes all of the guesswork out of keeping your fleet and equipment fueled and operational around the clock.

In addition to 24-hour diesel fuel delivery services, fuel management tools, and tank installation/repair, we offer other key support services for your fuel lifeline.

MSP’s certified technician team in Houston is on call to see that your fuel tanks and equipment are compliant with all regulations and free of contamination. We keep a watchful eye on safety and compliance with regulatory guidelines to help you minimize risk and control your overhead costs.

Naturally, we provide waste disposal, used oil collection, and HAZMAT clean-up services throughout Texas, too. Add it all together and it’s easy to see why MSP is the only fuel delivery and service partner most of our customers need. When it comes to all things fuel and lubricant-related — Mansfield Service Partners has you taken care of.

Over 80 Years of Fuel Delivery and Support Services in Texas

The Houston fuel supplier you’ve been looking for is Mansfield Service Partners (MSP). When it comes to fuel delivery, tank installation, and repair, HAZMAT clean up and all of your fuel management needs – Mansfield Service Partners has the caliber of experience you need.

As a Shell Prestige Distributor, MSP offers the industry’s leading fuels and lubricants along with our line of premium products. Nearly a century in business has given us the time to understand and meet our customer’s needs better than anyone else out there — we guarantee it.

Some of the services offered by our Houston fuel supplier locations include:

  • Diesel fuel delivery
  • Renewable diesel delivery
  • Biodiesel delivery
  • Used oil collection
  • Environmental services
  • HAZMAT clean-up
  • Custom lubricant solutions
  • Custom fuel solutions
  • Fuel storage solutions
  • Oil analysis
  • Tank installation and repair
  • Consultation and inspection

Mansfield Service Partners in Houston, TX

Meeting America’s diesel fuel delivery needs since 1932, MSP is the partner you need for your business to perform at its best, every day. Capability and integrity are in our DNA. You can count on MSP for your critical fuel delivery needs and much more.

Let us know how Mansfield Service Partners can help your business keep moving forward. 

National Headquarters: (800) 683-1331

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