Get ready for an efficient and error free fleet fueling experience

Step into the future of fleet management with MSP’s SmartTruck solution.

Our cutting-edge technology will elevate your fleet’s efficiency, safety, and performance to remarkable new levels, propelling your operations to unprecedented heights. As you bid farewell to the complexities of traditional fleet management, you’ll seamlessly embrace a more intelligent, data-driven approach that equips you with the insights needed for well-informed decisions and exceptional results.

  • Transactional integrity Proof of delivery (lat/lon, signature)
    Accurate delivery data Barcoding to avoid cross contamination
    Detailed fueling report
    Email notifications on completed deliveries
  • Delivery details and status available online
    Paperless delivery records


  • Equipment number
    Vehicle identification Location
    Equipment hours
    Contractor information
    Cost center
    Fuel type

How Does It Work?

  • Service Rep arrives at equipment
    Uses SMARTruck technology to scan equipment barcode
    Fuels equipment
    Delivery data is transmitted
    Report is generated and delivered electronically

Complimentary Site Assessment

MSP offers a complimentary site assessment to uncover new ways to better manage your petroleum program, reduce downtime and lower costs. Our experts will show you how to design a best practices approach which applies the right fuel, lubricants and services to your project.

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With our extensive selection of lubricants and fuel solutions for automotive business, we work to meet your specific needs. Our competitive pricing, comprehensive solutions, and expertise make us the go-to provider for lubricants, fuels, environmental services, automotive service chemicals, and marketing assistance.

Contact us today to explore how we can empower your business and help you achieve your goals.

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