O’Rourke Marine Service (OMS)

Fast, reliable marine services, lubricants and environmental services

Turnaround times can greatly affect shipping schedules and your bottom line, so you need a reliable provider to deliver fuels, lubricants and services everywhere your fleet may be. Our Marine Services provides dockside and inland marine services in Houston and Corpus Christi area.

From our barges, transport trucks and bobtails, our team delivers high-quality fuels, lubricants and environmental services to cargo vessels, boats and offshore rigs throughout the Texas Gulf Coast.

Fuel Supply and Management Solutions

MSP provides comprehensive fuel supply and management solutions to coastal and inland marinas. Marinas looking for a single-source supplier take advantage of Mansfield’s cutting-edge fuel supply technology and industry expertise to ensure significant savings and superior services.

Environmental Compliance Management

Have a partner able to provide the marine services you need while offering the tools you need to satisfy and exceed environmental regulations. Our experts offer the assistance you need to deal with any fuel-related regulatory compliance issues, including equipment tests, sales, services, and monitoring of tank gauging equipment. 

Partner with MSP  

We are dedicated to meeting your specific needs through our range of fuels and lubricants for different industries. As your go-to provider for marine services, we also offer competitive pricing, comprehensive solutions, and expertise in environmental services, and petroleum management programs. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions that address your unique requirements and ensure your satisfaction.

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High Quality Products Delivered Waterside

OMS offers premium fuels including ultra-low sulfur marine gas oil, on and off-road diesel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and fuel additives to improve engine performance and safety. We also offer a full line of lubricants including conventional, blends and premium synthetic products, heat transfer fluids and degreasers.


Extensive Delivery Network 24 Hours/Day

OMS’s fleet ensures the right fuel is delivered when and where it is needed. From our facility in the Houston Ship Channel, and Corpus Christi, our fleet of barges, transport trucks and bobtails provide 24-hour/day deliveries to cargo vessels, boats and offshore rigs. We also provide proactive monitoring and replenishment to minimize interruptions to operations.


Specialty Services

Look to OMS as your partner for virtually every marine service – from emergency fuel planning and response to bilge pump-off, onsite oil reconditioning and reclamation, high speed oil flushing, oil analysis, fluid monitoring, household trash removal and potable water.


Products and services


  • Gasoline
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Off Road Diesel
  • Bio Blends


  • Market Analysis
  • Buying Strategies
  • Index & Spot Contract Management

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