For over 30 years, Select Environmental has helped customers navigate the challenging landscape of waste disposal. Today’s strict environmental regulations require organizations to understand and comply to a host of changing guidelines. Don’t rely on a basic used motor oil collector to do the job – there is too much at risk. Trust the experts at the Select Environmental division to properly handle and dispose used motor oil and other waste products. Our expert team provide guidance for managing, disposing and recycling waste streams with approaches to help you reduce costs and liability while complying with all regulations and SPCC guidelines. Contact to learn more.

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Environmental Services



Select Environmental provides inspection, analysis, management, collection, and solutions for your hazardous waste


Facility Inspections

Manage risk through best-practice facility inspections


Waste Oil & Fuel Collection

Remove waste and prevent environmental risk


Regulatory Support

Maintain compliance with regulations


Used Oil Recycling

Giving used oil a second life through recycling


Spill Prevention

Prevent an environmental crisis with preventative support


Certified In-house Experts

Select’s experienced environmental managers help you clearly understand how to comply with all current regulations including TCEQ [40 CFR 261.6 (4)], EPA used oil management standards (40CFR part 279), SPCC and OPA 90 oil spill contingency plans. Our expert team gives you peace of mind to safely and reliably handle Class I and II, non-hazardous and hazardous waste and recyclable waste streams.


Complete Inspection and Analysis

Our teams conduct onsite facility inspections, hazardous waste stream inspections, collect and analyze samples and provide full reports to uncover issues and track progress.


Collection Management and Services

Our broad selection of products and services ensure the proper collection, recycling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. We collect waste oil, gas, diesel, grease, anti-freeze, paint and more – as well as offer cleaning, spill kits, prevention supplies and absorbents. With our advanced collection equipment and scheduled services, we help you reduce collection and disposal costs.


Tracking and Reporting

We provide computer-generated tracking and reporting of streams we manage.


Trusted Environmental Solutions

Select Environmental has been trusted for over 30 years to safely and reliably collect your recyclable and oily waste streams. Our unique collection equipment is designed to collect multiple materials at once, saving you valuable time and resources.

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Environmental Consultation

Waste Disposal Services

Select Environmental provides inspection, analysis, management, collection, and solutions for your hazardous waste, including:

  • Used oil collection, oily water, oily rags

  • Used filters – automotive and industrial

  • Used coolants

  • Used absorbents

  • Used antifreeze collection and disposal

  • Grit trap disposal (vacuum service)
  • Waste gas and diesel collection


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