Seizing the Opportunity for Government Fleets to Access DERA National Grants

Published On: November 16, 2023Categories: Daily Market News & Insights

In an effort to reduce emissions and promote eco-friendly practices, government fleets throughout the United States are looking for ways to embrace sustainability. The 2022-2023 Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) National Grants, initiated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are poised to drive the transition towards more environmentally conscious operations.

The countdown is on, and applications must be submitted electronically through by December 1, 2023, at 11:59 PM ET to participate. Fleet managers can reach out to their organization’s Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) to ensure they submit a comprehensive application package before the impending deadline.

Qualification Requirements

DERA National Grants encompass a diverse range of government fleets, with particular emphasis on medium and heavy-duty trucks, transit buses, and school buses. Eligibility hinges on meeting specific criteria, with a preference for vehicles and engines manufactured in 2021 or later. Fleet operators are advised to meticulously review the guidelines to ascertain their eligibility for this pivotal funding opportunity.

Funding Allocations

The 2022 DERA program allocated $50 million, and the outlook for 2023 is even more promising, with $57 million in funding available. However, the allocation is contingent upon fund availability and the caliber of applications received. Fleet operators await the EPA’s announcement of selection decisions in February 2024, with plans to disburse all awards by the conclusion of July 2024.

Funds awarded under this program are reserved for projects aimed at reducing diesel emissions. This includes replacing or upgrading vehicles and engines to align with prevailing environmental standards. Fleet managers are encouraged to envision a future in which their fleets operate with cleaner, more efficient models, seamlessly aligning with broader environmental goals.

A Path Towards a Greener Future

The DERA National Grants represent a unique chance to elevate efficiency and reduce environmental footprints, and eligible fleets have the chance to pioneer a new era of sustainability.

Fleet managers are encouraged to visit the EPA’s website or contact the EPA for comprehensive information and application guidelines.